A Month Without Shopping

A month ago I pledged to forgo shopping for clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories for the entire year. You can read all about The Challenge here.

I am proud to report, 31 days later... So far, so good! I won't say that is has been easy, because it hasn't. I'm a shopping addict and I always want the new, bigger, better thing. I'm the kind of girl who will never leave a store empty-handed.

But I will say that I haven't made a single purchase from the forbidden list!

Here's what I didn't buy:

I've had many moments this month where I almost slipped up!

The first time was somewhere in the first week when I thought to myself, "Maybe I will get that jumpsuit with horses on it." I had to stop myself and adjust my thinking! I will not be getting that jumpsuit, and I can live without it. Even looking at it again now, I'm still drooling over it.

Seeing a clearance sign hanging outside my favorite store, TJ Maxx, almost got me into a head on collision.

Popping into Forever21 to buy some accessories for a photo shoot for my line gave me serious second thoughts.

But I know the worst is yet to come! I won't be buying a dress for our trip to Vegas, I can't have a new pair of running leggings to help me pretend I'm adhering to my other resolution, and I won't be getting a pair of birthday shoes. I won't even get a New Years Eve outfit this year! How crazy is that?

The strange thing is that I'm starting to get used to it! On our anniversary, Alex offered to take me shopping, and even though we stopped in a few stores and I saw things I liked, I couldn't bring myself to say, "I want that!" It just felt so wrong. I found that I didn't need to buy anything. I didn't need a thing to make me happy... I was starting to become happy with I already had.