Day 90 -- Judgement Day


When: Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Where: Studio and Vidal Sassoon

I rarely, if ever, wear head to toe black, but at the behest of my dear friend -- a now hair stylist! -- Matthew, I donned this inky outfit. I actually felt rather chic wearing this look with my little pops of red.

I spent most of today lounging in a salon chair. My hair was so straight and perfect I couldn't believe it was actually my own!

I'm now 10 days away from Day 100! I've decided that after I've reached 100 completely unique outfits, I'm going to allow myself access to the pieces in my closet that I've already worn. I'm calling this the "remix phase."

I still haven't worn everything in my closet once yet, but I'm getting to the point that I don't have enough skirts to go with the unworn tops, or sweaters to layer over dresses, etc. So, in ten days, I'm going to start mixing it up! I'll be sure to re-post photos or link back to the previous time I've worn a given item so you'll be able to see different ways to wear the same thing twice.

Are there any pieces you're dying to see make a comeback? Sound off in the comments section!!

Sweater: Gap | Skirt: Little shop in Antwerp | Shoes: BDG via Urban Outfitters | Bag: Kate Spade via Second Time Around | Lipstick: Covergirl "Flame"

Alex told me to try some laughing poses. I'm a natural, clearly.