Day 71 -- Big Fish


When: Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Where: To work at Alexis Bittar

 This post goes out to my sister Maija, who is a big lover of (stuffed) fish. She has a small collection of fillows -- you know, fish pillows. They're pretty awesome.

When I saw this dress at Wasteland, I knew it had to be mine, only because I knew Maija would love it so much!

It was so frizzerin at work that this sweater, which I had planned to remove after my drive in, stay on the whole day. It was sad to cover up all these neon fishes, but it would have been sadder to freeze to death.

Alex took these photos of me in our living room when I got home tonight. The place is really coming together, huh? Official home photos to come whenever we finish decorating. (Read: unpacking.)

And in an ongoing series where Annika makes strange faces... This is the moment my eyes popped out of my head when I saw Jessica texting me while Alex took my photo.

Dress: Betsy Johnson via Wasteland | Sweater: Gap | Tights: Ann Klein via Marshall's | Shoes: BDG via Urban Outfitters | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs