Day 65 -- A Style Undefined

When: Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Where: To work at Alexis Bittar, picking Alex up at the airport, Thai food date.
The photo below pretty much sums my day up. I was feeling pretty under the weather when I woke up this morning, and kept going back and forth between feeling better and not. I flopped when I got back home this evening.
My dear friend, and fellow blogger, Jess did a great post today about developing her personal style, and it really got me thinking... What's my personal style?

It's a question I have often asked myself over the years. I had my style very well-honed in high school. It was very retro-influenced, and my closet was full of amazing vintage pieces. I lived for colored tights, patent leather, and lace. My style still has a bit of that in there.

During college my style got a little confused. I started really designing clothing for the first time and was introduced to so many new designers, trends, time periods, and influences. That, coupled with the old throw-on-anything-you're-late-to-class bit, really muddled down my flair.

Having this blog has really forced me to take a look at my wardrobe, what looks best on me, and what I feel best in. The only way I can sum up my style is: eclectic.
Today I felt like wearing a tied up tee shirt and a printed maxi skirt. It just felt good. Yesterday, I was in the mood for clean lines -- it felt right then. A few weeks ago, yellow pants, colorblocking, banana earrings and polka dots, romantic lace, even menswear inspired looks worked for me.

I can't sum up my style, because I love so many different ways of dressing. If I had to say something, I guess I'd just say my style works like this, "look good, feel good." I pick out what I think will make me happiest and a run with it!

Since I wasn't feeling all to great this morning, I grabbed this skirt from my closet. I wore this skirt the day I got engaged to Alex and wearing it again gives me such warm, fuzzy feelings, I couldn't be down while it was on! The pink of this shirt tied in nicely with the print of the skirt and it didn't hurt that it was super comfy and soft too.

Please forgive me for this rather verbose post. If anyone out there has a better way of summing up what they think my style is, I would LOVE to hear it!! Please!
Tee: TJ Maxx | Skirt: Anthropologie, courtesy of Maija | Shoes: BDG vua Urban Outtfitters