Day 61 -- Happy Halloween!

When: Wednesday, October 31st, 2012. Halloween!

Where: Running errands, the old apartment.

My Halloween wasn't altogether too fashionable. I spent most of the day in a pair of leggings, a tank top, and a hoodie covered in paint. You see, we need to clear out of our old apartment this week, and we had better paint away that dark grey color we loved so dearly... or else! Scary.

So, in lieu of  assailing your eyes with a terrifying photo of me in painty leggings, I'll show you a bloody manicure. Here we go

So, start with a clear coat of white polish. You can use a many different methods of flicking red polish onto your nails, but, I'll tell ya, after much pinterest research, using a straw is the best. Unfortunately, I didn't have a straw on hand last night, but I did have some macaroni... so yeah, that works too.

Dip the end of your 'straw' into some red polish and blow through the other end towards your white nails. It'll be messy, so be careful.

Do your best to clean up the splatter afterward. I used a acetone soaked paint brush to wipe away most of it, but the best thing was waiting 24 hours until the polish was super hardened and using a nail brush and soap to knock the leftover bits off your fingers.

Below are a few shots from Adult Halloween. Much love to Roxanne the Cheerleader (she wore her own uniform from high school!), Ashley the sexy cyborg, Jessica the sailor, and the boys who photobombed us.

I went as Sandy from Grease. Little did I know how apropo my costume -- or at least the name -- would be!

Tank top: Target, old | Pants: Zara | Belt -- ASOS | Shoes -- Guess via Marshall's
Necklace -- Alexis Bittar | Earrings -- Top Shop