Big Announcement!

I'm becoming a fashion designer! But this time, it's for real.

I am proud to report after a gut-wrentching decision process, a decade of dreaming and hard work, and over a year of real-life experience, I have decided to drop everything to pursue developing my own line of maternity wear! 

As many of you know, my thesis collection was a line of colorful, fun, comfortable, and verstile maternity clothing. As of the end of this week, I will be leaving my post as Sales Lead at Alexis Bittar to pick up where I left off a year and a half ago.

It has been a dream of mine for a very long time to create my own fashion line and to run a business. I can't believe that something I have been thinking about doing for so long is really about to happen!

I want to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me as I worked up the courage to take this on! I am both thrilled and terrified about the future, but my fiance, parents, sisters, and friends have all given me the gall to go out and take hold of my own destiny.

I know I have a very long road of blood, sweat, and tears ahead of me, but I am so ready for this journey! I hope that you'll join me as I start the process of becoming my own boss, designing, creating, and marketing my brand.
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