Day 60 -- Superstition

When: Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Where: To work at Alexis Bittar

Dress: Leah Reena Goren via Anthropologie | Sweater: Staring at Stars via Urban Outfitters |
Belt: H&M | Shoes: BDG via Urban Outfitters | Jewelry: Alexis Bittar | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs |

I got this dress at Anthro the other night and I thought it would be the perfect piece to wear right before Halloween. I love the kitty print! During any other time of the year, it would just be considered cute, but I felt kind of spooky wearing it today... like there were a hundred black cats in the room. Boo!
I also had the chance to chat with Ndoema and Phillip of The Global Girl today. Ndoema, if you don't already know, runs an amazing fashion and lifestyle blog and she posts in seven languages! Phillip takes her photos and really has an eye for film.

I started thinking about the way Alex and I have been kind of working on my blog together recently. I used to just shove my iphone at him and tell him to take my photo. In the beginning, it was more about just documenting the outfit and moving on. But over the last few days, Alex has been really encouraging me to be creative through the photos themselves as well as my clothing.
And I'm loving the result! I mean, how cool am I as a triplet?! I even love the gif he made of me! I felt really inspired by Ndoema and Phillip's way of working together, and it made me feel more free to bounce idea off of Alex and use his abilities! I'm so excited about future blog posts and different things we can try!

Definitely let me know what you think!