Day 53 -- She's Like a Rainbow

When: Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012. My birthday!

Where: A housewarming slash birthday party at our new place! 


Funny enough, I did not plan a birthday outfit! I had planned on planning one, but as things go, I got too busy to get around to it. I bought these shoes on Modcloth last week and they arrived just in time for my birthday! I was digging through my closet 30 minutes before my guests we set to arrive and I decided to just run with the rainbow theme.

 I got this dress for $5 at Urban Outfitters a couple weeks ago and had planned on hemming it up a bit, since the length is midi and I'm a flats girl, and everyone knows those two things simply don't mix! But when I tried it on again tonight with my 4 inch heels on... it worked!

I had such an amazing birthday! From the chicken fried steak and eggs for breakfast to the fabulous mani-pedi (thanks, Al!), and the amazing friends who came all the way out to Sherman Oaks to celebrate, my day was all-around wonderful.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the leftover sangria...

 To another great year!
Photo Credit: Roxanne Clark
Dress -- Urban Outfitters
Shoes -- Jeffery Campbell via Modcloth
Jewlery -- Mostly Alexis Bittar (my own!), and earrings care of Mom via Croatia
Watch -- Marc by Marc Jacobs care of Alex! Yay! Thank you!