Day 52 -- Fair Isle Dreaming

When: Monday, October 22nd, 2012.

Where: To work at Alexis Bittar

When I was unpacking my clothes last night (at long last), I got to see how much I really have to work with. I had completely forgotten about these two fall-ish items. Even though it was in the low 70s today, I felt like dressing cozily. Is that even a word?

When I came out of my room this morning, the fiancé (who will not be named) goes, "Nice leather skirt." Like, what? This is satin fool! Or probably mostly like polyester, but that's not for here.

Anyway, I'm loving this cozy mix if chunky knit and slinky satin... With a belt, of course!

Sweater -- Gap, many winters ago
Skirt -- Urban Outfitters (I bought this to wear to my first fashion crust sophomore year. It's funny how clothing brings back memories, but I digress...)
Belt -- H&M
Shoes -- rocket dog via Marshall's
Jewelry -- Alexis Bittar, borrowed