Day 51 -- Rain Rain Go Away

When: Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Where: To the flea market, work at Alexis Bittar, Craigslist shopping

It was dark and raining this morning when Alex and I got up to hit the flea market early before I had to go to work. I was super tired, feeling a bit crummy, and just all around lazy.

I opted for a comfy grey stories sweater dress, a pair of winter leggings and knee high boots. It was actually raining, so I did pull out my raincoat.

When I came out of my dressing room (read: office/studio, the room with my closet in it), Alex goes, "Look at you, Miss Boston." I guess this really was a Boston fall worthy outfit. At least it felt boring enough to fit the bill.

Meanwhile, Jessica put me to shame at the very same flea (5 hours later) in an amazing outfit. Hop to her blog to check it out. Girlfriend's a genius!

Raincoat -- Ellen Tracy, gift from mom
Sweater dress -- Missy, bought in Paris
Leggings -- American Apparel
Knee high socks -- Urban Outfitters
Boots -- Aldo