Day 47 -- Back in Black

Boy am I tired! And I look it, so don't linger on the below photos too long!
When: Wednesday, October 17th, 2012.
Where: Still moving. Building a bed, unpacking my closet, and to ikea and Home Depot hopefully for the last time in my life!

It was a miracle that I found anything to wear this morning. I needed to sleep in a bit and by the time I woke up Alex was so hungry he was calling it a "food emergency," so I dug up the first thing I could put my hands on.

Granted, it wasn't easy building our bed (again! Tutorial to follow, hopefully soon) in a mini skirt, but I feel more comfortable wearing it than pants. I actually took the time to blow dry my bangs, and luckily I found this shirt in a random box, because it made me feel more put together.

It's a pretty simple outfit, but I promise it'll get better. I go back to work tomorrow, so I'll definitely have to step it up!

I'm so excited about our new place and I want wait to finish moving in so I can share some photos and how-tos on some of the DIY projects Alex and I have been working on.
Top -- Gap
Skirt -- Forever 21
Shoes -- Urban Outfitters
Wow. I guess that really was a three piece outfit. I'll try harder tomorrow!