Day 44 -- Rainbow Bright

When: Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Where: Starbucks breakfast date with Alex, to work at Alexis Bittar

I tried to wear this outfit last week, but it was too cold, so I hung it up until now. My outfit choices are getting slim as everything is already boxed up! This skirt is too big for me now, so I belted it around my waist and hiked it up. It was a pretty comfortable outfit for a nice Sunday. This picture doesn't really do the look justice, but I'm simply feeling too lazy today to try harder. Tomorrow is another day.

Sweater -- Sevengate, bought it at Ambiance SF years ago
Shirt -- Originally Anthropologie, a hand me down from my mom.
Skirt -- Edme and Esyllte via Anthropologie
Shoes -- BDG via Urban Outfitters

I was feeling a little grumpy late in the day, so I took myself across the street to Lemonade and bought myself a lemon meringue tart! Ah... Much better.