Day 38 -- I've Got the Blues

When: Monday, October 8th, 2012. Columbus Day!

Where: To sign the lease on our new apartment and to work at Alexis Bittar.

My outfit today was completely based on wearing this white floral blazer I bought yesterday down the street at Principessa. It was such a good deal I could not say no! I had actually planned a whole different outfit for today, replete with color and pattern, but when I saw the foggy haze outside, I jumped at the chance to wear my new find.

I love wearing navy and black together and the way the white popes out against the dark background gave this outfit a bipolar, crazy feel. Is it spring? Is it autumn?

I stuck to the navy theme and wore three large cuffs together today in this rich sea blue color.

I also wore this knocker around the store. This necklace is huge! I fee like I should be sitting with the Knights of the Round Table in this thing -- it's almost medieval in size.

I tucked the ends of my leggings into these DV for Target boots. I love them because they can't decide if the want to be combat boots or Victorian riding boots.

Jacket -- Beulah, from Principessa Venice
Dress and leggings -- American Apparel
Boots: DV for Target
Jewelry: Alexis Bittar (as with most things I post on this blog, they are borrowed for the day while I'm in the store. I'd have to be a millionaire to afford all the stuff I wear!)