Day 36 -- Wild, Wild Horses

Today was a great day. But then again, how could it not be when you're wearing a dress with horses on it?!

This little baby is made by All Saints and I got it (for a dang steal if you ask me) at the outlets somewhere between here and Palm Springs.

I love the weird bubbly cut and randomly placed elastics, but the photorealistic mystical print of galloping horses really takes the cake for me.

I wore a really amazing gunmetal and amethyst cameo necklace from Alexis Bittar to add a little more quirk to this look. As if it needed it.

I pulled the colors of my dress into my bangle stack today and kept my arm accoutrement basic as to not overwhelm my look.

Lastly, my rose gold spiked Adena flats by Sam Edelman are back. These shoes are probably the best thing I have ever bought in my life and if they weren't sold out across the planet, I would buy a second pair right now, because these ones are really to beat up to be wearing any where.

PS, Alex and I just landed the apartment of our DREAMS today. I'm really floored they they let us have it, because this place seems like somewhere adults would live!

It's a really adorable bungalow that just charmed its way into my heart. I'm so excited we got it and I can't wait to decorate the patio, my new office/studio, and the pink kitchen and bathroom! We move in 2 weeks, so I'll definitely be posting about the projects we take on as they happen.

Could not be more pumped about our new home!!