Day 35 -- Casual Friday

At my job, I spend a lot of time telling customers that the piece of jewelry they're about to buy will dress up well but also "go great with jeans and a tee shirt." I always chuckle inwardly thinking, "What would I know about wearing jeans and a tee shirt? I wear a dress every damn day."

But when I got dressed this morning, that's exactly what I found myself putting on. It was weird!

This pair of faded mauve-y taupe jeans are from gap and the tee is made by Truly Madly Deeply.

I spent most of my time today updating this very blog. Do you like the new layout and banner? I also did a little work on a maternity dress. I found this amazing silk jersey fabric at Mood with the most amazing pale Pucci-like print. I'm working it on to some kind of wrap style.

When I had to go out, I put on a pair of well-worn keds and hiked this forest green innue bag over my shoulder. This is bag has such a fall color and I haven't carried it all summer, but it's really one of my favorites despite not being a designer label.

Guess it goes to show you good design doesn't always have to come with a price tag. *wink*