Day 33 -- Old Faithful

I bought this dress in April of 2011 to wear to my senior review. Senior reviews are kind I terrifying because they are like an artist's final exam. In my case they were the deciding factor between presenting in the Senior Fashion Show and... not.

I put a lot of pressure on myself and it made me really anxious. I bought this dress to help me feel more confident. My most distinct memory in the dress, however, is not wearing it while passing my review, but getting sick on blue margaritas at the lizard lounge later that night.

Not cute. But hey, this dress is!

I brightened up this navy backdrop with a yellow belt and those multicolor Navajo flats that I think are actually on their last legs considering that they have a hole in them. But that's not for here.

I'm calling this post Old Faithful because this dress has been incredibly reliable for so many different occasions. It always perks me up to put it on!

Do you have a favorite piece that always makes you feel great to wear it?

I tried pulling the colors of the dress into my bangle stack today, incorporating emerald green, navy, pinks, ice blue and even a floral painted bracelet!

This necklace is kind of amazing, and made me feel a little less naked in this strapless number.

Check out my nail art this week! I think the last time I wore glitter nail polish was in middle school, but I'm really loving it again! Look at the cute heart shaped glitter! I couldn't help but wear that on my engagement finger. Awww...
Bonus photo alert!

So excited to come home to pork chops, potatoes and corn all hot and ready from the crockpot. Gonna eat myself happy while watching the debates. Hopefully those won't bring me down...