A House is Not a Home...

...Until we move there on Monday! So so excited!

Just to fill you in. Alex and I landed our DREAM apartment last week after hunting for a loooong time. I'm still in shock that they are going to let us live here!

Some awesome features:
-2 bedrooms (one will be a bedroom, the other my office -- which has a walk-in closet!!!)
-Little patio for outdoor lounging
-Gorgeous courtyard with palm trees and roses
-Huge living room!
-Adorable and charming pink kitchen and bathroom
-Working fireplace
-Cute neighborhood, walking distance to Trader Joes, a movie theatre, a sushi/froyo place, the mall and a park
-Allows dogs! So excited to finally get a little puppy!!

Here are just a couple silly pictures I took on my phone when we went to go see our place for the first time. I really thought this place was too good to be true, so I didn't take the most beautiful pictures because I was sure they wouldn't except our application!

I still can't believe that this adorable, charming, 1920s bungalow will be our home on MONDAY!!

The building is like a lush oasis, full of greenery palm trees and it has the most gorgeous pool, which, of course, I don't have a photo of.

The living room is one long narrowish room with a working fire place stuck right in the middle. We're still trying to figure out how to arrange our furniture in there. If anyone has any tips, I'll be glad to hear them!

This is one of the bedrooms, which will become my office/studio/closet. I can't wait to make it mine and fill that walk-in closet with all the things that I've been packing away!

One thing that both sold me and scared me about this place was the pink bathroom and kitchen. Anyone who knows me, know I love pink. But I don't know about living in it! I mean, even the toilet is pink!

This will be our bedroom. It had amazing light and it just feels like home! We're thinking about reupholstering our bed to a more neutral color palette to make it more relaxing. Right now out bedroom is a bright and funky vibe, but with this new place, we want to kind of go with the old charm, original hardwood floors, garden like feel.

I'll keep posting as we start moving, decorating, and living there. Alex and I both love crafting/DIY, so I'm sure we'll have something up our sleeves for you.

Also, I've got some guests who are ready to chime in... Stay tuned.

PS, still don't know why my pictures are so blurry. If you click on them, they turn out crystal clear. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is it the app I use to blog with? My iphone photos? Help!