Day 4 -- Slacker

So. I was just reviewing the first three days of my what-I-wore posts, and I realized that I've worn a fit and flare dress with a belt at the waist three days in a row.
For anyone who doesn't know, I started blogging my outfits again as a challenge to myself. I was recently taking inventory of my closet and I found I had over 100 dresses, about 10 of which I wore on a regular basis. I hardly ever wear bifurcated pants. People have even commented to me how seldom they've seen me in a pair of jeans, it's that apparent.

Nonetheless, I do have a small collection of cute sartorial accoutrement that separate one leg from another.

Which bring me to my point. I didn't start blogging again to see how many days in a row I could wear a variation of the same look.

I started blogging again to challenge myself to wear something different everyday until I've exhausted my closet. I wanted to do it as an effort to prove to myself that my closet is full of amazing clothes so that I would stop shopping every time I felt I had "nothing to wear."

So, behold. Pants.

I always feel so weird in pants. I think my two legs are friends and anything that separates them they distinctly dislike. They just prefer being in the same sleeve of fabric rather than plunged into the solitary confinement that is a pair of, albeit beautiful, denim jeans.

 I picked up these floral-printed beauties from ASOS last month and I've already worn them twice -- that really speaks to how much I love them. The fun and feminine print really make me feel more comfortable wearing an article of clothing I feel are really meant for men.

To quote a coworker, friend, and fellow blogger, Ashley Heaton of, "I just don't understand why women wear pants." Well said, Ashley! I don't really know why I wore these either.

Since these pants are pretty loud, I paired them with quieter pieces. A simple grey tank, silver Dolce Vita tassel sandals, my absolute favorite vegan leather Marc by Marc Jacobs tote rounded out the look. For a tiny pop of color, I added s yellow belt I thrifted years ago, and my favorite Alexis Bittar jewels.

Now soak it in, because you probably won't see one of my legs defined from the other for a long time...

Thanks to my super-talented fiance, Alex, for taking these wonderful photos of me!