Rear view mirror...

Wow! I can't believe it's September.

September always feels like fall to me, and with that comes new beginnings. This is my first September out of school, but I help but get that "back-to-school" feeling this time of year anyway!

It's been a year already since I left Boston, and nearly as long as the last time I blogged. I've decided it's time to get back on the horse and try this again.

Before I return to my daily outfit posts, I wanted to review the best moments and looks of the last year.

A lot has happened...

1. Alex and I moved across the country, officially moved in together, and made our first purchase as a couple.

Check him out cheezin' on the couch we bought! It was so exciting and seemed like the biggest deal at the time. Our stuff was starting to merge...!

2. I also bought a car. Huge deal. I can't thank everyone enough for all the advice and support supplied during this process! I love my Peanut and I couldn't be happier to have my own wheels!

Style note: I wore a pair of urban outfitters spotted navy, white and green shorts with a navy sweatershirt and a pair of keds. Definitely one of the most juvenile outfits I could have possibly worn to one of the most adult events of my life. Oh well...

3. I started two new jobs! I began working as a sales associate at Alexis Bittar at the same time as I started intering at Fiel Shoes. I've learned so much at both places and working two jobs in the fashion industry has really helped me to grow as a designer and a person. I wish I had photos to post of shoe heaven and the costume jewerly sanctuary I work in...

4. I became completly nail art obsessed.

5. You may have noticed some extra bling in those last few photos because, that's right, Alex and I got engaged in June!

It was seriously one of the best and most bewildering moments of my life. I literally had no idea what Alex was up to until he was actually down on one knee. If I had know how many pictures were going to be taken of me that day, I might have bothered to put on makeup.

At the scene of the crime! Right in front of the waterfall where Alex popped the question.
My face hurt that day from smiling so much!

Alex's even re-proposed the next week when the orginal ring was being sized with a great $6.50 CZ!

6. I got to know my new city and wore some pretty okay outfits, I guess.

Rocking a sheer tuxedo style shirt from Marshalls, with a F21 jersey mini, a pair of Madden oxfords, and some borrowed Alexis Bittar jewels.
Alex and I looking out at downtown LA from the Griffith Observatory. I'm wearing a striped F21 sweater (very Prada Fall 2012), with a permapleated black skirt by Jason Wu for Target (thanks Maija!), and a pink purse Alex's mom, Jaime, got me. Note the Alexis Bittar bow necklace -- that one I acutally own.
Alex and I just chillin at the beach. Sporting some raybans, my amazing engagement ring and a bikini (not pictured).
Another shot of us in the beach. This was October -- it was snowing in Boston!
Alex and I went mini golfing and I beat him by 1 point!
I won I won I won!!!
Anyway, I wore a pair of ultra skinny jeans by J Brand, an awesome faux-suede BB Dakota biker jacket and a floral top. I wore my fav rose gold spiky smoking slippers, which Alex won't let me wear anymore because they are so heinously smelly from wearing them without socks too much. Sorry, overshare.
I started working out! For like 2 days! Check me out in my Lululemon gear and Reebok pink sneaks!
So fresh.
This is San Francisco on the 4th of July. It was freezing, so I bundled with an All Saints leather jacket, a J Crew scarf  (the first thing Alex ever gave me), over a royal blue lace dress from Urban. Check out my green-screen green Kate Spade bag front and center!
I looked so edible in my peach-printed dress at the LACMA, Aex tried to eat me!
This was one of the first days I actually felt cool in LA. So cool, in fact, that I took the time to photograph myself in the mirror of the store. I'm wearing a great body-con dress from ASOS. I will wear anything with an animal on it!
Alex snapped this of me in Palm Springs -- can you belive it? -- on our mini vacation there. My hair turned green from the pool and I'm wearing a yellow polka dot dress from I don't know where.

Here I am celebrating my recent engagement at my parents house. I've taken to wearing this  ditzy printed All Saints dress whenever I'm in a pinch. It's so easy and cute!

This has become my go-to day off look. I'm wearing a soft striped jersey dress from Target and a jersey cardigan I've had for probably six years. Throw some velvet keds in the mix and you've got me on any Tuesday or Wednesday of the month!
(Karisa's outfit is pretty cute too!)

So. That's why I've been up to over the last 12 months. Stay tuned for what's next!
Expect to see a new outfit every day, some maternity designs, and big plans for the future!

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