Day 9 -- Same Shoes, Different Day

Okay, so today I'm guilty of repeating my accessories from yesterday. Nude goes with everything!! So sue me.

This dress is probably one of the best thrift store finds I've had since moving to LA. When I lived in Boston and worked in a consignment shop, picking up great deals was so easy! The designer duds were right there and an employee discount was at my disposal! Since leaving that job, my wardrobe has definitely suffered. My go to place to pick up new fashion finds has become chain stores like Forever 21 and H&M.

There is a great resale store in my neighborhood called Wasteland and they generally carry pretty incredible gently used designer pieces. I've picked up a couple DVF dresses there, as well a Dolce Vita pumps, and a Marc Jacobs bag. This little number is by -- what is quickly becoming my new favorite brand -- All Saints.

I love the exaggerated pocket detail on this dress as well as the ikat weave. This peachy pink color is one of my favorites to wear; I love how femme it is and the way it complements my rosy complexion.

I was feeling a little lazy today, so my hair looks like a pineapple and I could barely manage to sweep on a lick of mascara. Oh, well.

Tomorrow's my day off and I plan on only leaving the house to go grocery shopping. So, put your shades on, because I might blind you by wearing leggings as pants.

Careful, now...