Day 6 -- Garden Party

I chose this dress and pair of heels this morning know thy tonight was going to be Fashion's Night Out, so I wanted to be as cutesy as absolutely possible.

Little did I know what a long day it was going to be! Training two new employees, staying an extra hour and standing in these (beautiful) Via Spiga burgundy platforms all day really wore me out!

I'd say this blurry photo pretty much sums up my sentiment about today. Tired!

But fear not, I have way better shots of this dress that Alex took of me about a month ago at the Griffith Onservatory.

This is our favorite spot to bring visitors to take in some great views of LA. It's also a popular field trip locale.

It was super bright out that day and I could barely keep my eyes open in the sunlight! Kind of like how I feel right now... Barely able to keep my eyes open.

So soak in this last look of outfit #6, because I'm about to crash.

This dress is by Sarah Ball Photography. The print is a photo of someone's backyard with a tree flowering over a lawn and a garden hose tangled in the shade. It's spot on the photorealistic trend that is all the rage right now. I'm obsessed with this dress!

I finished the look with a top knot, a pink clutch, and a nude belt from H&M.