Day 3 -- Ketchup and Mustard

In honor of the hot dog I won't be eating this Labor Day, since I'm at work, I decided to celebrate with a barbecue themed outfit!

Red and yellow together always say "ketchup and mustard" to me. This yellow dress is so springy and fun and when it's topped of with just the right amount of red accessories, I really can't help but feel like a perfectly dressed hot dog!

Yeah, it's kind of weird.

I love this lace dress from Urban Outfitters so much, I have it in two colors. The shape of it is like a cross between a 1950s house dress and a figure skaters costume. And the open back is so adorable!

Do you like the swimsuit tan I got at Raging Waters last weekend?

I love these carnelian pieces u borrowed from work today. They match the Alice&Olivia belt I wore so perfectly. I might just have to make this necklace my own...

I finished off the look with my go-to flats of the season.

These Navajo blanket-esque Madden Girl flats have every color imaginable in them, so I know they'll match anything I might happen to be wearing.

It makes it really hard to rotate any other pair of shoes into the mix.

I hope you are all out enjoying your Labor Day! Eat a hot dog for me!