Day 26 -- Black and Brown

It finally felt like fall for the first time today. It was all foggy and overcast in Studio City this morning, so I reached into my winter wardrobe and pulled out this pair of leather-look pants that I got a couple months ago when fall collections started being carried in stores.

It's amazing how preppy this look turned out considering that the foundation of it all is leather pants! I've been trying to figure out what defines my style lately. My style is very eclectic, but I'd say the best way to sum it up is... Retro with a bright, funky twist.

That being said, this outfit doesn't seem like me at all! I mean, it's pants!!

I tried to soften the blow with some neutrals like this striped shirt (which, oh shit, I'm realizing I wore somewhere around day 16), and some brown jewelry.

The finishing touch were these leopard flats I've been loving.

I'm surprised how much I like these. I was never an animal print person, but look how cute these are!