Day 25 -- That's a Wrap (Dress)!

I'm starting to have serious problems getting dressed in the morning. I feel myself reaching for those trusty old pieces rather than trying to find something I haven't worn yet. Knowing that I have at least %75 of my wardrobe to chew through before I can return to my favorites has me a little spooked. Just in time for Halloween.

I found this DVF wrap dress crumpled up on the bottom of my closet floor and I knew I had to give it a shot. Even though this dress is comfortable, bright and by one of my favorite designers, I don't wear it too often. Probably because in the back of my mind I think it's a bit too sweet and classic.

I wore this dress for my college graduation and its funny turning something that felt like such a big deal to wear, into just an everyday piece.

I tried to echo the floral print of my dress in my bangle stack today. Get it? It's a flower! See the stem and petals? It's a stretch. Okay, I get it.

Thanks to Jess for taking these pics and for making me giggle. Everything a girl could want in a BFF.