Day 11 -- Holly Housewife

Today I caught up on all the things I had planned to do yesterday before I was whisked away to the beach.

I had some top-secret business related errands to run, but in between I managed to go grocery shopping, re-organize my fridge and pantry, make iced coffee and flavored water for the week, whip up some pretty amazing french bread pizzas for lunch, make a loaf of bread, and a pot of soup.

Felt pretty domestic, if you ask me. 

I picked this little number up second hand last year, and it's come into heavy rotation in my schulmming-it wardrobe. It's Gap from the 90s, but it definitely has a 50s housewife feel to it. These sandals are comfortable and I have no other excuse than that.

Alex caught me cleaning in the middle of all my cooking. I'm always struggling for ways to cover up my hair on the days I don't wash it, and this little do-dad from Anthro definitely fit the bill. It's just a cute little beaded clip, but I pinned it on top of my hair tie just to make myself feel like less of a bum for wearing a ponytail.

I'm about to post some of the recipes from today, so definitely check that out too...