Day 10 -- Don't Rain On My Parade

Well, plans change, so y'all avoided seeing me sport leggings as pants for one more day.

Alex and I took a drive down the coast to Laguna Beach. He kindly snapped these photos of me after we has a little seaside seafood snack.

On my days off, I try to take advantage of clothes I can't wear at work. There's hardly a dress code where I work, but screen tees are strictly verboten, so most of mine rarely get worn.

I won this "don't don't don't" tank top from Vague in a Facebook contest.

After I put this top on this morning, I got really stuck as to what else I could wear with it. Most people would be like, "duh, jeans!" But, duh, I don't wear jeans! I mean, hello?!

I dug this berry beauty out of the depths of my closest and was actually pretty happy with the way the pencil shape worked with the tank top, so I didn't question it.

I finished the outfit with something else I can't wear at work -- this amazing California necklace by Maya Brenner (Thanks, Alex!!), some cheapo earrings from F21, my go-to every color flats, that MJ bag i wont put down, and some William Rast sunnies I picked up for 92% off at Nordstrom Rack!

See you tomorrow...