We had a very long day driving to get to Santa Fe, but the drive coming out of Texas proved to be a spectacular one. The dry, dusty, flat desert gave way to cliff and mountains dotted with cacti. And as we pulled off the highway into town, we began to see the adobe buildings that Santa Fe is so well known for. It, indeed, looked like a movie set.

After checking into our hotel, we made our way down to the plaza for some Southwestern grub. We walked around the area a little bit, admiring the Cathedral, picturesque hotels and restaurants, and the Native American artwork and jewelry that was so readily available.

We snapped a few pictures near the art museum. Note how my Tahari blouse perfectly matches the red adobe walls. It was after labor day, but that didn't put me off wearing a pair of white flared Seven jeans. I stepped into my go to DV wedges to match my blouse, and slapped on my white MJ watch. It started to thunder just as we we're finishing up, so we ducked into a nearby tavern for sometacos and green chile.