Rain, Rain, Go Away

The weather in Nashville hadn't cleared by our second day there. In fact, it was cold enough to put me off the Hayden-Harnett dress I had planned on wearing. Instead, I opted for a loose-fitting charcoal grey jersey blouse from Forever 21, with a pair of Gap leggings (Thanks, Mrs. Chaloff!). I threw on a Nic+Zoe denim jacket that I snagged at Goodwill for about 95% off the original price.
We explored the city by car. We stopped in a cute shopping area near Vanderbuilt and a friendly woman in a vintage clothing store complimented me on my necklace. I had to inform her that the turquiose look is totally fake. It's basically a printed piece of paper encased in resin and gold-tone plastic. Gets the job done though, I suppose.

After wandering around Nashville all day, we were totally in the mood for some heavy Mexican food and $2.50 margaritas. Ellice took us to a dive in her neighborhood and we chowed down before hitting the sack early in preparation for an 8-hour drive to New Orleans.

We took these photos next to a little creek near Ellice's apartment. I'll definitely be using these shots for when I release my country album.