I'm Going to Carolina in My Mind

After catching the Virginia sunrise, we pulled out of town and started rounding our way through the South. Stopped about an hour outside of Virginia Beach, in Suffolk, for breakfast. It was the most amazing experience. Bunny's Family Restaurant was like walking into the '70s. Wood paneling and macrome we compounded by overly-friendly biker dudes sipping coffee over their morning papers and a uber-blonde waitress who made sure we knew to come back and visit real soon.

Asheville was absolutely incredible. We happened to stumble upon a funky street fair which went on uninterrupted despite the rain. We wandered through wide, street-like alleys which were covered in graffiti, folk art, and wonderful nooks and crannies.

We grabbed our late-day meal (not sure if it's lunch or dinner when it's 4 pm and only our second meal of the day), and Lab downtown. The white ale and pretzels hit the spot.

Here I am in Chicken Alley. I'm wearing one of my favorite dresses, a polka-dot find from H&M with my hands-down go-to sweater. This amazing Alice and Olivia cashmere wonder was mine for only $10. It was brand new with tags on at Goodwill, and I got it for a steal. Because the weather was damp, I ditched the sandals I'd worn all day in the car and slipped on a pair of worn black keds.

Alex and I enjoyed one of the best breakfasts of our lives at the Over Easy Cafe before reluctantly pulling out of town.

On to Nashville...