Outfits of School

Day 15
Went to my Paris course and Metals class. Probably wore jeans and a sweater, don't remember. Look at all this laundry!

Day 16
My friend Daizy took these pictures of my after I went to my Degree Project and Poetry class. I wore a green argyle sweater and a pair of Gap jeans with my black keds.

These pictures are for a project Daizy was working on centering around peoples' homes and their collections.

Day 17
Sported my fave tank and cargo skinnies to Creative. Started work on my first look for my collection. I'll post those pics in a bit.

Day 18

I wore my j brands and a wool sweater with hearts on the elbows to Metals. Took this photo in the bathroom on my break.

Day 19
I spilled a chai on my new Dead&Alive shirt while on a break from Degree Project. Kind of made it look like Kristen Stewart was sneezing on her middle finger. I had a meeting with my adviser and she said that Kristen was making "quite a statement" on my shirt. Whoops.

Day 20

It was Wear Purple Day so I threw on this eggplant skirt from UO with a new pair of over-the-knee boots from Aldo.

Day 21
Check out this nasty bruise I got on my birthday!
I wore this don't don't don't shirt from Vague Clothing with my MK jeans and a sweater from the gap to my Metals class.
I thought I was still hungover from birthday partying, but this marks the day I got mono. So fun.

Day 22

Had my crit for my first design on Creative in this outfit. Gap jeans, keds, UO ikat top, and a heather grey blazer from Target. You can also see my Costco raincoat and Crate&Barrel bag (thanks, Mom!) in the corner.

Day 23
I wore sweatpants to class. Don't look.

Day 24
See above.

Day 25

Wore some Gap jeans, keds and a grey cable knit sweater to Creative.

Day 26
Still sick. Went to Paris and Metals in jeans and a sweater. It's like a uniform. Having mono is cute.

Day 27
Here's my other uniform: over-the-knee boots and dresses. Two days in a row. I have sinned.

Day 28
OMGzz! Another dress with boots!

Day 29
Oh? Those boots again? No problem. I'll wear a skirt with them! Also, lookie at this cute scarf my mom gave me for my birthday!

Day 30
Had my critique for my second look in this little getup. J brands, orange silk tunic, oxfords, grey cardi, backpack.