Outfits of School

Day 9
I wore this wrap sweater to my Jewelry class with a black tank and a pair of jeans. I took this picture in the bathroom at MassArt.

Day 10
I wore this DVF dress to Degree Project and Poetry. It was about 85 degrees outside and this wool dress got to be a bit toasty. I took this picture in one of the studios in the fashion department.

Day 11

I wore this outfit to Creative Fashion and on my flight home. I paired this floral dress from Anthro with a hand-me-down sweater from my sister and my new favorite shoes -- black ponyhair flats from Urban.

Day 12
Don't I look happy to be coming off a red eye? This cozy new sweatshirt blazer kept me warm during my Paris class.

Day 13
I wore this bright silk tunic with a pair of leather leggings and my new ponyhair flats. This bomber sweater and I are getting to be inseparable.

Day 14
I wore this outfit to Creative Fashion. These brown booties came from my sister and I put on a brown belt to be very matchy matchy. This orange sweater is one of my favorite pieces, so I'm really excited that it's getting to be sweater season again. I love it!