Outfits of Summer, Part III

June 9, 2010

Please don't hate on this horrible outfit! I'm so embarrassed that I have to post this. I got really sick on Tuesday night (bad bacon?) so I called in sick to my internship Wednesday morning and didn't leave the house all day. I wore my Michael Kors jeans and an oatmeal tank top from the Gap. Fashion Failure.

June 10, 2010

By Thrusday, I was back up and running. I wore a F21 red and white striped sweatershirt to work at STA with my favorite pair of jeans - my J Brands! I wore what are quickly becoming my go-to shoes, my Steve Madden flats and I carried my Maxx New York bag. I kind of looked like an American flag. Or Where's Waldo.

June 11, 2010

I wore this outfit to my internship on Friday. (Usually I go on Monday and Wednesday, but I had to make up for Bad Bacon Blow Out 2010.) I wore a green flowered silk buttondown from the Gap and my Michael Kors jeans. I also included a marigold v-neck sweater because the AC in the sweatshop where I work is outta control!

June 11, 2010

Special Edition: Night
I wore this little number to my friend Karisa's house. I wore a marigold drapy sweater from H&M, a printed plaid tank top from Zara, a black knit skirt from F21, and my patent leather oxfords finally made a comeback!

See you in a few days!