What's not to love. It's a one-piece outfit!
Nothing could be easier.

Call it what you like -- a jumpsuit, a jumper, a romper, even a playsuit -- this little sartorial invention is undeniably my favorite category of clothing. Ever.

Let me share my collection with you...

This is my very first (adult) onezie. Urban Outfitters summer 2009. I famously wore this on the first day of classes Junior year. Walking back from class some fellow hollered at me from across the street, "Hey, Model!" I was very proud.

Here's another strapless option. Great for nights out drinking (when bathroom trips are frequent) as it can be removed swiftly. Forever21, Spring 2010

Work-out onezie! Also great for a swimsuit coverup... Target, Fall 2009. (It cost me $5!)

This is one of my very favorites! I saw her at Anthropologie in Fall 2008 and I knew she had to be mine. Gorgeous chocolate brown pantsuit with ruffle trim at the neckline and a tie at the waist. I wore this for New Years 2010. She had to be dry cleaned after such a fun night!

This one just arrived in the mail! F21, Summer 2010. I'm excited to create some memories with this dusty blue pocketed wonder!

Another new arrival. Olive green with schmancy leaf print. I jazzed it up with a patent leather belt. Urban safari?

Here's a printed version of my favorite onezie (see below). It's so super comfortable and versitile. The boob patrol (aka my mother) would be pleased -- note the white cami worn underneath.

Here's my most favoritest onezie evar! I wore it on the set on Everly Yours. I wore in when I was in California attending a wedding. I wore in one of the best twinzie moments ever. I wore it to the Boston waterfront when my family was visiting. I wear it to class probably a little too much. I once wore it to bed... And I'm going to keep on wearing it!

Now go out and get yourself a onecicle! Let's start a revolution!