Just for fun...

Polaroid transfer tee-shirts!

I made these tees today in my fibers class.

The process calls for slides and/or film cells. My mother so generously sent me some slides Dad took way back in the 70s! Whoa.

The images are exposed on polaroid 669 film by way of a fancy device called a "Polaroid Slide Printer." Then, before the film fully develops you peel it apart and smash one side onto wet cotton. Here are the results...

My favorite image my mother sent me was of both my parents standing next to their rented red mini in Scotland circa 1978. Look how stylish! I felt that this particular image simply had to be committed to shirt.

She also sent in some lovely shots of flowers, etc from Alaska. That also made the cut.

Here you can see yours truly modeling my "Bella and Jake" polaroid transfer shirt. My New Moon DVD came with a film cell from the movie and I just couldn't resist the opportunity to make my very own Twilight shirt!