More Bridal

Here's "Dress Two" or "The C&B Dress."

When the aforementioned sister, Lindsey got married last summer she received lots of goodies in the mail from Crate&Barrel. The folks over there were so nice as to wrap each gift and tie it with these lovely black-and-white ribbons.

She bestowed these glorious strands upon me with the suggestion that I "make a wedding dress out of them." Great idea, Lindsey!

Here are some in-progress shots for the C&B Dress. The base is white cotton muslin. I'm attaching each ribbon by way of straight-stitch in layers all the way down the dress.

Unfortunately, I've run out of these wonderful ribbons and the dudes at Create & Barrel won't let me have any more unless I order a gift online... so... anyone feeling generous?

Just as some brides might get married just to get the gifts, I'll buy the gifts just to get the ribbon.

(Note: Lindsey also received a nice husband, Danny, when she got married last summer, though not in the mail.)