Everly Yours

In case anyone's wondering why I dropped off the face of the earth, it's because I was on the set of Everly Yours all weekend.

I was the costume designer for the flim byt Tessa Olson (pictured) and, along with Kelly Chow, I put together these looks for the film. These photos are from the second day of filming when we were on location in Danvers, Mass.

We mostly just styled and put together outfits for the shoot, but we created a few dresses ourselves. I be sure to post them when I have pictures!

Set in 1910, this film addresses the closing of the red-light district in Chicago at the time. As such, the majority of the wardrobe seemed to consist of lingerie. And lots of it.

This project was so amazing to work on. I'd never costumed a film before and it was quite enjoyable. Everyone was so wonderful to work with, but I'd especially like to thank Tessa, Kelly and, Aly (the producer), for making me feel so comfortable on set.

[Photo credit: Aly Isaac and Kelly Chow]