The Evening Dress is done!

So here it is, everyone! The dress that my professor called "fugly." That's right. As in "effing ugly."

I love this dress and I'm really
pleased with how it turned out. I
wish I had a red

carpet to wear it on. Or an occasion
to even be on a red carpet!

The fabric is a MariMekko design that I got on sale at Crate &

Barrel for $4 a yard! It's %100 polished cotton with a metallic floral design print. Not sure what to call the color. Purple? Brown? Mahogany? Mauve? Taupe?

I took a close-up of the belt which I hand beaded with purple fresh-water pearls, black swarovski crystals, and shell paillettes. The other close up is of the back detail -- an obi-style bow.

Can't believe it's done! Now onto bridal. Any suggestions?