Past Work - High School Collection #1 - Greek Gods

This is the first collection I ever created.

I created all the looks except for the two on the very right: that's my advisor Claudia and her design partner/my makeup artist.

From left to right:

Emma is wearing a dress inspired by Pandora. I was thinking about spring, freshness, and naivete. The fabric is a green satin-finish curtain that I bought at Goodwill.

Chloe models a dress inspired by Hades. Darkness, tangles, and mummy-like wrapping informed this design. It's made out of blue ribbons.

Ariana plays the part of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. She looks nude --'nuff said. The fabric is velvet and lace.

Iris embodies Diana, goddess of the hunt and chastity. I wanted to design a young wedding dress. I used old white tee shirts, wide satin ribbon, and paper.

I'm in the middle wearing a dress inspired by Dionysus. He's the God of parties, so I created a short little '60s style party dress. It's upholstery fabric.

Next to me is Jennifer. She's modeling a dress inspired by by Iris, the rainbow goddess. To construct this look I used gray matte-finish crepe and assorted sequins and beads.

Samantha wears 'Zeus.' The fabric is a leftover set piece. It's black cotton with white corinthian columns hand-painted on it.

Nes to Sam is Teresa who is sporting a spring look inspired by Persephone. The top of the dress is a velvet pillowcase, and the skirt is tulle and faux flowers.

Lastly is Maile who is wearing my favorite look of the collection. The dress is constructed out of men's neckties. So much work and so much fun!

As you can see this collection is very elementary for me. There is little cohesion -- besides conceptually -- and the construction is questionable. Still, I love this mini collection because it was my first baby. Hope you enjoy!