Past Work - Geometric Design

This is another piece that I created in my sophomore year.

The assignment was to design and construct a look using only circles, squares and rectangles. We could not use any patterns to create shape and fit; gathers, pleats, tucks, etc took the place of traditional darts and curves.

I used only rectangles to construct this garment. I embellished it with circle cut-outs and different fun buttons.

I don't think I've ever thrown a dress together so fast. This look was due the week I returned from Egypt last March, so I only had a few days to sew. Because there weren't any real elements of fit, this was pretty easy to sew, so I spent the majority of my time top-stitching the waistband and cut-outs, and doing fancy French seams to keep the dress from fraying on the inside.

I'm really happy with the outcome. I didn't set out to create an evening look... But that's the way it came out, and I like it. I'm pretty proud of myself for working so quickly.

Here is Veronika modeling my gown in the Sophomore/Junior fashion show.