The corset is finished!

It's done!

Kind of. I didn't get the chance to put as much glass on the corset as I wanted to. I plan to encrust more glass and pearls onto it in the coming days.

John, my professor, also asked that I make a few changes. He thinks that it would look better without the waistband -- he thinks that it distracts from the embellishments. I really like it and I'll be sad to see it go. It seemed his real problem was with the bow at the back, so maybe if I found a way to remove the bow but keep the waistband, we could find a happy medium.

He also suggested that I change the shoulder straps from grosgrain ribbon to some other kind of strap. He said that it cheapens the look and that the white of the ribbon and the white of the pleather are different and that bothered him.

He seemed to be pleased overall by my work. I'm really happy with the result and I'm looking forward to developing it more.