And the corset design is...

I decided to go with a more "1800s look" as my prof, John put it. Adding things like bows, ruffles, and lots of decorative details isn't necessarily my style, but since the assignment calls for a Marie Antoinette reference, that's what I'm gonna do! I'll probably "decorate" the dressing gown element a bit more to make it more decadent, but for now I think I'm pretty much set for the corset design. Bring on the glass!

The class presented our corset prototypes today. I had to do two because the first one turned about a bit lumpy, and just... wrong. John seemed pleased with it, though he went on one of his classic tangents about bathing suits from the 1950s and women with "like these negative A cups" on the beach. I guess you need to have "bodacious tatas" to fill out a vintage suit. Thanks for the tip, John.

Hope you guys like what I came up with!