Current Project - Wool Coat

Here's a little sketch of the fall coat that I've been working on since last semester. The assignment was pretty open-ended: design and create a coat or jacket. There were a few requirements for our design -- we had to use a princess or panel line (as you can see, I'm kind of using both -- the princess line from the armhole is the only actual seam on the front of the coat, the other lines are illusions). We are also required to have a notched collar and lapel, a welt pocket -- on the inside or outside of the coat, and a two-part sleeve.

Sorry, that was a bit technical.

In any case, here's my design. I drew inspiration from the curves found in nature -- particularly wood grain.
I've also designed a skirt to go with it because you can't send a girl down the runway in only a coat!

The fabric will be a grey-lavender wool. For all the lines that you see in the sketch, there will be black piping. I'm going to line it with a fun black-and-white floral print satin-finish poly.

I'm really excited about this project. Since this is a year long project I'm really anxious to see how it turns out... but it won't be done until May!