Marriage Monday: Yes, And...

When I was a kid, I'd spend my summers at Theatre Camp. One of the most valuable lessons that I learned there came from an improv game called, "yes, and..." The idea is to accept the idea that your acting partners are putting forward and to add onto it. If they say you're in the grocery store, you can't stop the game to say that you're actually at the circus. You might just add on that there are aliens at the store with you. See how it works?

I think about that game from time to time in the course of my marriage. They say that marriage is all about compromise, but that doesn't always mean meeting halfway, or taking turns. Sometimes it's more like, yes, and...

"Do you want chicken for dinner?" "Yes, and rice, too."

"Should we see Pitch Perfect 2?" "Yes, and don't forget the raisinettes!"

"Want to come with me on my errands?" "Yes, and let's stop and get froyo on the way back."

Annika ChaloffComment