Resist + Persist

You may have already seen {and might even own!} the Resist + Persist Set. But, you probably haven't seen this photos of Married & Bright Model, Jodi Hollingshead taken by Amberlee Christey Photography.

Here's what I love so much about this set:

- this print makes me so happy. look at all those adorable, beautiful women just straight chillin' on the beach

- the wrap bralette is basically my new favorite flattering and more supportive style

- the high rise undies keep all the goodies in check

- 100% of proceeds from the sale of this set benefits End the Backlog {I gave over $300 from the first launch!}

- this set embodies everything I work for and believe in; look good, feel good, and now, do good.

I first heard about End the Backlog while listening to one of my favorite podcasts, My Favorite Murder. This empowering podcast brings a bit of humor to the macabre, but also light to what is dark. The fair, inclusive, and respectful way hosts Karen and Georgia handle the telling of these crimes, is actually inspiring. Since many of the cases they cover involve violence and assault against women, End the Backlog naturally came up.

So, what is End the Backlog? End the Backlog is an initiative supported by A Joyful Heart, which seeks to get every rape kit in America tested. Most states have a backlog of untested kits that are thousands and even tens of thousands names long. Not testing them means that crimes dont get solved, and victims don't get justice.

I believe that every woman should have the opportunity to comfortably lie on the beach and relax in peace just like those ladies on this lingerie set are. While getting a kit tested can not undo the crime, it can be instrumental in the healing and recovery process. I have always been interested in true crime, but now, I want to use my talents to solve crime. I hope you'll join me.

Buy a set. Change a life. Look good, do good.


Meet a Maven: Maker in Chief & Founder Annika

Hey there Marri Mavens. Today I'm kicking off a new series on the blog -- Meet a Maven -- where you'll get to meet the Married & Bright Models, some brand superfans, and inspiring women of all kinds. I thought we'd start out with a quick introduction to yours truly. 

I'm Annika. I'm the one woman show who designs, snips and sews, packs and ships, and handles any, all, and everything Married & Bright. If you want to read a bit more about how I got started making lingerie, selling it on the internet, and sending golden packages of underwear through the US mail, you can check out this interview on the Lucky Break Consulting website, or listen to this podcast episode on She Percolates.

A little about me:
I was born and raised in Palo Alto, CA where I enjoyed long summers of running in the sprinklers, fighting with my two sisters over the ownership of a black gap body tank top, making orange peel candy during the holidays, and creating costumes for my high school's plays. I went to college in Boston where I honed my garment design and construction skills at MassArt, met and fell in love with my now-husband Alex, and got my first and only tattoo. After graduation, I boomeranged back to the West Coast, this time making Los Angeles my home. After five years of the LA grind, the hus, our pup Bucket, and I set out in hopes of greener pastures, which landed us in Nashville, TN. I love binge baking, attempting to catch fireflies, sewing with the windows open, and seeking to make the world a better place by uplifting and encouraging women to love themselves more deeply.


When did you get your first bra? What kind was it? Who helped you shop for it?
I got my first bra in fourth of fifth grade. I'm the youngest of three girls and I remember feeling jealous of my sisters + slightly self conscious about what was happening with my chest area. I read an article in Girls Life about how to ask your mom to go shopping for a bra with you. One piece of advice was to write her a note if you were too shy to say it out loud. I wrote down my request and reasons why on a piece of printer paper with pink pen and left it on the cutting board she used to make our lunches on. I hid in the stairwell while I watched her read it, and she kindly agreed. We went to gap kids after school that day and got a charcoal grey ribbed training bra that looked like a cut off tank top. It wasn't the most fashionable garment of all time, but I was proud to own it.

What's the best part about being a woman?
There are so many best parts, but my favorite part right now is being able to be so creative with how I dress myself. The freedom to wear pants or skirts, bright colors or all black, show my skin or keep it hidden is endlessly inspiring to me.

If you're married, share the story of how you got engaged, some marriage advice, or funny story about being married.
Every single day of marriage is funnier than the last. I think the weirdest thing about my marriage is the way we communicate through the dog. Bucket has his own voice/accent that a enables a single person to have a full on conversation with. He kind of sounds like this: "Hewwo mommo! I wewwy missed you all day wong! Pwease don't ever weave me awone again because actuwewwy wewwy wuve you a lot!" It's so dumb but Alex and I could go on for HOURS talking in the voice/POV of Bucket.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
One of my long term goals for business has been to open a brick and mortar shop, so I'd really love to see that happen within that time frame. Personally, I'd love to have 1-2 kids and be living a little bit out in the countryside with goats and chickens.

If you could have a different job besides the one you have, what would it be?
I've always had a secret desire to become a food stylist or a midwife/OBGYN. I have sort of an unhealthy obsession with trays, flatware, tablescape design (and eating yummy, pretty food), and I've always been fascinated by the si-fi-ish miracle of birth!

If you could give the 15 year old version of yourself advice, what would you say?
It's okay to make mistakes. I'm one of the few people I know who actually really enjoyed high school while I was in it and would totally go back and re-do it, but I remember always kind of having analysis paralysis because I was scared of making the wrong choice of embarrassing myself by messing up. I would have encouraged myself to be a bit more free and worry less about what others thought of me.

How does wearing Married & Bright make you feel?
Wearing M&B makes me feel incredibly empowered. Creating lingerie that is designed to please the wearer makes me feel so unburdened. I think many women buy lingerie to impress someone else, but putting on a Married & Bright set means that you get to feel good about yourself without having to wonder what anyone else thinks!



I hope you've enjoyed learning a little bit more about me and what goes ob behind the scenes here at M&B HQ. Stay tuned next week for another feature on one of my favorite Mavens.

Five Ways to Celebrate Spring

It may not feel like spring where you live (hello mountains of snow and chilly, chilly nights!) but the calendar says it's here! So, in the spirit of renewal, here's a short list of ways to celebrate the new season.

1. Bring the outside in. If wildflowers aren't quite blooming outside your door, bring home a fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers. My favorites are daffodils or peonies from Trader Joe's. If you don't have a totally brown thumb like me, try some potted plants like orchids or even an herb garden on your windowsill. 

2. Bake a refreshing treat. These lemon tart bars scream spring to me.

3. Take a long bath in spring-scented bubbles. These rose bath bombs look like a luxurious way to inhale the spring time -- without the sneezing.

4. Stop and smell the roses. If you live in a major city, try escaping to a botanical garden for the afternoon. Sip iced tea and stroll among the fresh blooms. I'm looking forward to a visit to Cheekwood Gardens to enjoy some of their tulips!

5. Refresh your wardrobe. A new pair of skivvies might be all it takes to shake the winter blues and put a little pep in your step. Might I suggest the At First Blush Set? The flattering peachy tone works well on all complexions, and the gold threads throughout the lace correspond to the dots on the elastic for a subtle shine that'll be you feel fine.

Out With the Old

As Married & Bright moves into a new sales model {hello, quick turn-around time!}, some things have to be sacrificed. Today we say goodbye to hundreds of beloved designs, in order to make way for the Spring 2017 Collection.

I'm so excited to share with you the upcoming designs, so here is a tiiiiiny sneak peek.

I know, that's not much to go on, but picture lots of lace, leather, metallics, and beautiful new prints and textures.

If you want to me among the first to get access to the new collection -- Cheeky Mail subscribers get access 24-48 hours ahead of the general public -- get on the list now. The collection launches March 15th. Mark your calendars.

Annika Benitz ChaloffComment
Times They Are a'Changin'...

First of all, happy New Year! The holidays were such a whirlwind {thanks for that by the way!}, and even though it's late in January, I feel like I'm finally coming up for air and getting my ducks in a row. 

Some exciting changes are coming to Married & Bright and I'm looking forward to sharing all of them with you! Don't worry, all the lingerie is still handmade in the USA by me, and it's all still gonna be super cute, body positive, and designed to make you feel awesome. Those things will never change. 

The first bit of news is that I will be moving towards a ready-to-ship, rather than a made-to-order business model. This will help be better serve more customers and insure an awesome shopping experience for more and more people as Married & Bright grows. 

What that really means for you is that you'll be getting your golden mailer full of fun lingerie even faster. Instead of waiting up to 5 days before your order is shipped {that's the bit where my nimble fingers are working hard to cut, sew, snip, and package}, your order will get packed up and shipped the day after you order it! That means that if you order on a Monday, you could be wearing your lingerie on Wednesday and doing a big happy dance in front of your mirror.

It also means that I will be limiting the inventory that I carry at any time to a few basic staples, and whatever the current collection is. Hey, I have two hands, and hundreds of styles! As a side effect of limiting the amount of products listed on the site, it means that some styles will be headed for early retirement.

Before I cut off access to some of your most beloved designs, like the Pineapple of My Eye in White and Black, Out of This World, Written in the Stars, Flower Child, and the Retro Collection, I'm putting them in The Top Drawer. TTD is like the Disney Vault -- lots of designs are gonna go in there and they might not make it out again. I have high hopes that fan faves will make it out during the spring and summer months as part of future collections, but if you've had your eye on a certain design, grab it now while I can guarantee it'll be available.

The Top Drawer is going to close on February 15th, so be sure you go in a buy what you want now! Never fear, I will still offer custom sizing, so if you're looking for a size that doesn't appear on the chart, I'll make you're entire order bespoke so it fits like a dream. I have also opened up an area on this site to take custom requests. If you have an amazing idea for one-of-a-kind lingerie, are looking for something you don't see here, or just wanna mix it up a bit, fill out this form to get a custom quote.

I can't wait to share more about what the future holds for Married & Bright and I thank you so much for being a part of this journey!

Too long, didn't read --

- Pretty soon, things are gonna ship faster!
- Everything on this page might disappear forever, so if you see something you like, get it while you can.
- If you want to order something completely custom, there's now a super simple way to get a quote!