handmade lingerie designed to make women feel wonderful about their bodies and themselves

Not sure what size to get? In between sizes? Are the "girls" more like sisters than twins?
Custom sizing is available for only $5 extra!
That's right, made-to-measure bespoke lingerie for about the price of a latte.

What we believe

look good, feel good. the way you look on the outside has the power to influence how you feel on the inside. when the thing closest to your skin gives you that secret smile, we know your step couldn't be any bouncier. 


we believe in american made, handcrafted, low-waste, eco-friendly products that encourage women to be their best selves. we will never retouch, airbrush, or photoshop our models. we think all bodies are beautiful, and all shapes are sacred.


we are here to celebrate you.


you're a cheeto finger lickin', dancing in the kitchen, midnight crafting, hot mamacita with a major penchant for pugs and orange kittens. you love unicorns, sunday mornings, and won't back down from an all you can eat buffet at any cost. you are confident in your skin and not afraid to show it.